Hello dear filmmaker!
Our Call for Fillmakers for Season 1 has ended on July 27th, 2016.

If you have applied, you'll hear back from us by mid-September at the lattest.

If you haven't applied but would like to make a Grandmas Project film, you can still apply using the form below but we cannot guarantee it will be reviewed for the coming production cycle.

Grandmas Project is a webseries sharing recipes and stories of grandmas around the world, filmed by their grandchildren.


We're welcoming proposals matching the following requirements:
- you are a professional filmmaker, visual artist or film student
- you are submitting a proposal for an 8-min film, not a finished piece
- your will direct or co-direct a film on your own grandma

We will be providing artistic supervision and postproduction to the selected filmmakers, but to this date we're not able to finance the making of the films themselves. We're looking for filmmakers who want to participate because they embrace the philosophy of the project: our grandmas' recipes and stories are a world heritage that needs to be collected, celebrated and shared.
Hi again! First, tell us about yourself.

What is your name? *

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Where were you born? *

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What year were you born? *

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Where do you live now? *

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Now let's talk about your grandma and her food!

What is your grandma's name?

(The name you call her)
Where was your grandma born? *

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What year was your grandma born? *

(ex: 1933)
Where does your grandma live now? *

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In what language(s) do you speak to your grandma? *

What is the name of the recipe you'll be filming? *

(Original language + English)
Thanks a lot. Let's get into serious business now.

(Director's statement and Treatment are next)
Director's statement: Why do you want to participate to Grandmas Project? What does this recipe mean to you? How would you describe your grandma’s personality and your relationship to her? *

(maximum 1000 words)
Treatment: Describe the film you imagine as if it was a short story. Don't annoy yoursef with what's feasible or not, just dream it up! *

(maximum 2000 words)
Almost there! Quick questions regarding the filmmaking itself.

Do you plan to film and edit yourself? *

[Only if you answered "NO" to the previous question] Which crew member(s) do you plan on working with? *

Do you own the material you're planning to shoot with? *

(that would mean a camera and at least one mic)
Do you own the material you're planning to edit with? *

(that would mean a computer with an editing software)
Now a couple of links and you're done!!

Please insert up to 3 links of your previous work as a filmmaker/storyteller. *

Previous work - Link 2

Previous work - Link 3

If you want us to have a feeling of how your grandma is like, here you can insert a link to a video of your grandma (1 minute maximum)

(this is optionnal)
Where did you hear about our Call For Filmmakers?

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